July 22, 2003

Strange things afoot

To get the blog up and running, I used all the old tricks I knew how to use---tables and such---to do the layout. I'm now trying to do it The Right Way, with stylesheets, and as I experiment with it, you'll see stuff in odd colours and bizarro layouts. Fear not; the effect is transient.

"Dear Jack---What's all this nonsense about birth control? We never said anything about birth control. Please check your files and advise ASAP. ---Regards, G. P.S.: Kennedy for President!" --The secret message of Fatima according to Cecil Adams

Posted by blahedo at 7:34pm on 22 Jul 2003
Too many fonts spoil the broth or the alphabet soup. Posted by Lee Kinkade at 12:53am on 24 Jul 2003
Which is why there are just two fonts on the site... Posted by blahedo at 1:24am on 24 Jul 2003
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