August 12, 2002

Hi folks. Everyone else seems

Hi folks. Everyone else seems to be getting a blog these days... I tried to put it off for a long time, but then I caught myself typing out an email to my mom (Hi Mom!) that read just like a blog entry. And hey, it's three in the morning, what better time to start a blog? (In my shorter-haired days, 3am was the usual time for giving myself haircuts. Ah, progress.)

Said email to Mom will be the next, and first contentful, post to the blog. After that I suppose I'll futz around with the blog layout, because the default colours are simply frightful.

Oh, I suppose I should say something about the title of the blog. Well, my field of research is computational linguistics, with side research in theoretical linguistics; I also have been hanging with the programming languages group a lot, and I've been known to dip into constructed languages. In short, most of the interesting things I do revolve somehow around language, whether human or computer, natural or artificial. The other main thing I do is dance with the Brown Ballroom Dance Team. "Linguistics and Dancing" seemed a little too dry, so I threw in a third thing, which relates to the fact that I have several hundred books in my library, and am constantly reading more and adding them in. The vast majority of the fiction is sci-fi, fantasy, or alternate history, but don't hold that against me. :) Posted by blahedo at 3:59am on 12 Aug 2002

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