August 19, 2002

Man, here I am at

Man, here I am at nearly 4 in the morning. Getting some work done on my slides, but it's like I'm dragging the work out of myself kicking and screaming. I've never been so easily distracted (which is saying something, I guess), and it's only by main force of will that I'm getting anything done at all. I suppose I could rely on my usual deadline stimulant (i.e. there is a deadline, which acts as a stimulant) later this week, but I really need to get the slides done and at least one practice talk by, say, Tuesday, so I can run the outline and any questions past my committee. I wonder if this is saying something about me subconsciously fearing the completion of the proposal phase and being ABD? I dunno, but my rational mind sure as hell just wants to get it over and done with.

So look at me now, I'm futzing with my blog. Sheesh. Well, I'll at least give you all this link to look at, which is a both funny and cute result of the unfortunate flooding currently plaguing Central Europe.

I also have a lot to say about a pamphlet they were distributing after church today about how we should all boycott Disney because they're oh so pro-gay; I knew that the Southern Baptists had organised such a thing a while back, but this pamphlet seemed to actually be printed by a Catholic group, which threw me. I thought Catholics were generally a bit more progressive than all that... anyway, more on that later. Right now I'm going to kick-and-scream a few more slides out.

(PS: I've just added another recommended link on the left: "True Porn Clerk Stories". Read it! It's work safe, and boy howdy is it funny.)

"I just assume that good managers secretly schedule these kind of meetings out of the knowledge that effective workers need catnaps from time to time and this is the unspoken time to take those." --Zach Miller Posted by blahedo at 3:54am on 19 Aug 2002

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