August 22, 2002

Just made a good practice

Just made a good practice talk, 50 minutes but solid. The one I give tomorrow will probably go even faster. And I make sure to drop in lots of "but you can ask me about that later", so I should mostly get pretty easy questions (knock on wood).

Incidentally, I just thought of a good phrase to describe the prevailing political philosophy of Brown ugrads: "closed-minded progressivity". I probably am not the first to come up with this. Sure, there are many open-minded people on the campus, but there are a frightening number who are dogmatically 'progressive', embodying everything that's wrong with the notion of political correctness. It's sad, really. Better than dogmatic conservatives, I guess.

"Rainbows look pretty a long way off up in the sky, and maybe as a bumber sticker. They do not make a good color scheme. The point of having a color scheme is that you, you know, choose colors, not just accept them all. Don't worry. They're just colors. They won't feel offended." --Kevin Colby Posted by blahedo at 4:43pm on 22 Aug 2002

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