August 23, 2002

Okay, however mad I was

Okay, however mad I was at Apple, now I'm at least twice as mad at Brown's computer people. Turns out that when the bookstore "sent it out", it was in-house, to our own people (despite my specific request to send it on to Apple), who "evaluated" it and decided Apple wouldn't fix it, so they'd just try and charge me to do it themselves. They never even called Apple. (Which explains the bewilderment of the people at Apple when I called without a case number and never having seen my laptop in for repair.)

I went in and talked to the guy. He said it looked like it had been dropped---and with 17 years of experience, he should know what a dropped computer looks like---but of course wasn't trying to insinuate that I had done so. I told him it had not been dropped, and he ran a whole "I'm not saying I'm just saying" routine with me. Describing the damage as "the corners looked a little scuffed", I pointed out that they get that way just from sliding it in and out of my bag a few times a day, and he had the gall to say "maybe you slid it in and out of your bag too often, I dunno." How fucking patronising. He then claimed that the clips that held in the memory were broken (they're not, just worn down---the cheap plastic is too malleable), and that he'd "seen this before", and "Apple doesn't fix computers that are like that."

I'm going to go around and check a couple of friends' Mac laptops to visually confirm what the memory clips look like, then I'm calling Apple back and telling them they need to withdraw their "Apple warranty repair service" contract with these guys. Geez.

Oh, and I almost forgot: if all they were going to do is look at it and say "we're not even going to send this in to Apple", did they have to take a fucking week and a half to do it? God dammit, I'd've had my computer back and working by now if they'd just sent it straight to Apple like I asked. Should've just driven up to the Apple Store in Cambridge an hour away.

Exercises for the Republican reader #1: Write a rebuttal justifying the corporate subsidy of your choice, respecting the conservative principle that the tax system cannot be used for social engineering. --Mark Rosenfelder Posted by blahedo at 5:27pm on 23 Aug 2002

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