August 30, 2002

Computer seems to work fine.

Computer seems to work fine. Civ3 still doesn't. Apparently it has something to do with the funny resolution on the Powerbook G4---but since the laptop also supports the standard 1024x768, it's not at all clear to me why this isn't easily fixed. Well, the 1.29 patch is still being ported to Mac, so maybe that'll fix this. Until then, I'll be making great use of Hilary's computer. :)

This was orientation week for the first year grad students at Brown. It's been neat showing them around and telling them what classes (not) to take and what professors (not) to work with; but the real surprise was today. Today we were joined by a guy named Frank Wood, who went to IMSA with me way back when. We were in the swing choir together. And now he's in the masters program here. I can't even describe how weird that is.

"Liberals believe in equality of opportunity but not of results. In other words, in the game of life we should all start out at about the same place, but there's no maximum level of attainment. That neatly divides us from leftists, who would prefer some sort of ceiling, and from rightists, who don't believe in the level floor." --Mark Rosenfelder Posted by blahedo at 12:59pm on 30 Aug 2002

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