September 05, 2002

A senate committee has just

A senate committee has just recommended legalising pot... in Canada. Still, that's huge progress. We'll see how it turns out.

The only class I'm taking---auditing---this semester met yesterday. It was billed as a first-year seminar (which, since I'm only getting my masters in linguistics, I'm only just now taking), and a bonding experience for the grad students, etc, etc. But there were about four or five grad students there and more than twice as many undergrad cog sci and cog neuro concentrators. Apparently it's also the senior seminar for the cognitive and linguistic sciences department. Format is: everyone picks out their favourite paper in the field, and gives a 40 minute presentation thereon. Oh well, it'll be horizon-broadening, or something. At least there's one other linguistics student in there.

In other news... apparently this is old news, but Greece has outlawed electronic games. All kinds. Whether it's in a console, or your cell phone, or your computer, it's illegal. Internet cafés are still legal, but if anyone's caught playing computer games, the café gets shut down. The avowed goal of the thing is to get rid of gambling machines, but lawmakers were well aware of the law's collateral damage. One hopes that it won't hold up, but I suppose you never know.

On organic farms, they till it like it is. Posted by blahedo at 2:17pm on 5 Sep 2002

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