September 11, 2002

Ha-ha! Just downloaded Chimera, a

Ha-ha! Just downloaded Chimera, a Mozilla-derivative browser for Mac OS X; it doesn't seem to have the problems with blogger that Omniweb has, so now I can write these from my laptop. It does have font issues yet, though, and so I probably won't use it for my main browser. I might get into the nightly-build cycle, for the fun of it---it just might become my new distraction for late at night when I don't want to work on my thesis. Oh wait! That's my blog. Sorry, forgot.

I just discovered that in 10.2 Save dialogs, filenames with numbers in them are listed in numerical order, not alphabetical. Thus asdf10.txt comes after asdf9.txt. I haven't explored it much yet, so I'm not positive how it works, but I'm totally thrilled. Inordinately so, in fact.

"Telling people to 'zip up' is never proper unless they are exposing themselves." --Miss Manners Posted by blahedo at 1:06am on 11 Sep 2002

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