September 15, 2002

Wow, it's been awhile since

Wow, it's been awhile since I posted. Well, quite a lot has happened. I'll recount the Kevin saga at a later date, but for now I'll tell you what I did yesterday.

First thing in the morning this past Friday, I check my email. Sitting in there is an email from the okgo mailing list. okgo is a band that opened for TMBG last year, which I liked and proceeded to meet and then chat with the following day at a chorus concert. Pretty memorable. Anyway, so this email was sent at 9:40pm on Thursday night, and includes the information that okgo was playing the Met Cafe in Providence at 8:30pm on Thursday night. D'oh! I actually sent off an email to them in complaint. :P

Next, I sat down and read the BDH, including the Friday insert (which I don't always bother with). And there was an interview with okgo in it! Nifty. What's more, at the end of the interview is the note that they'd be playing the WBRU summer concert series in India Point Park that afternoon at 5pm. Great!

I headed down there, and saw the sound check and stuff; then I bought a T-shirt and got one of the advance-copy singles they were handing out, with two songs off their new CD (being released next Tuesday). Then I heard the concert, standing right at the barricade, maybe twenty feet from the band. Loud, but very cool.

Since I was down at India Point, I figured I'd wander over to the Providence since it was in port, and say hi to... I just realised I have no idea how to spell her name. Let's say it's Jammin. A friend of Coree's from Smith, she hangs out with us sometimes when the ship is in port, and the rest of the time she's actually a deckhand on a tall ship. How cool is that? She showed me the hold (it's... cozy)---they have an oven that's mounted to swing back and forth as the ship rolls from side to side. But they were getting ready to cook dinner, so I headed on out.

And ran into Avery, a guy who just got his CS undergrad degree here, and who I also knew from occasionally hanging out at Zete; I haven't seen him for months, but he was wandering around India Point looking to meet someone. We chatted for awhile, and then I started to walk back up to campus.

As I passed Armstrong Street, I thought to look down it, since I knew Birgit and Caroline lived on it. Then I realised that was silly, since it was a fairly long street and I didn't know where they lived exactly... but sure enough, there was Birgit, right in front of her house. I waved and walked over; she was outside because she was cleaning up after her car had been broken into. They took the radio and shattered the passenger window. :(

After a brief stop at the CIT, I continued up Thayer towards my house, and who did I run into on the steps of Kabob and Curry but Curran, who was in town for a day to present her master's thesis, and Brett (her boyfriend) and Veronica (another friend from Tech House), who I also knew. We chatted for a while, and I mentioned I'd been to the okgo concert; she was surprised I'd heard of them, and noted that they'd been on NPR the night before, which was the first she'd heard. Moments later, I glance around, and who's standing behind me but Damien Kulash, the okgo lead singer! And the rest of the band and a fair number of staff was milling about too. Apparently they were looking for dinner---I commented that K&C was the best restaurant on Thayer, but I think it was too busy, and they went somewhere else. They were in good hands---Damien went to Brown (class of '98), so presumably he knows where most of the good restaurants (still) are. :)

Then I got home, ate a hot dog, went next door and watched The Contender. It was an excellent movie (pitched right at the West Wing crowd, I loved it), but I didn't recognise anyone I knew in it, so I have to assume that the Extended Moment of Serendipity had ended. We'll see if there are any aftershocks in the next few days.

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