October 04, 2002

Incidentally, that band I was

Incidentally, that band I was talking about a while back, okgo, I got their CD last week. It's really top notch. Quality music for all purposes, e.g. accompanying a late-night coding binge. They're not going to supplant TMBG as my favourite band---I think---but they have a great blend of good music, good voices, funny and interesting lyrics, and random whimsy. They're definitely at least on my short list of "try to keep track of when they're in town" bands.

"You'll find that most of the feature requests are bogus on some level or other because they tend to suggest bandaid solutions. Nevertheless, I think it's best to treat them all as a "cry for help". With computer languages, about 75% of the bandaids have a bullet hole underneath." --Larry Wall Posted by blahedo at 7:51am on 4 Oct 2002

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