October 04, 2002

They seem to be having

They seem to be having some grave technical difficulties on the web applications to teach intersessions at IMSA this year. I sent mine in last Friday, when it was due. Then I got a strangely-worded email on Monday that seemed to imply that they had lost all but the first line of each text box, so I sent the app via email (thank goodness I kept a text copy!) to that person. Today I got another email saying that my web app had failed due to technical difficulties (seemingly unaware of the first email), and could I please resubmit. I tried resubmitting by the web, and got all the way through until I hit a Java exception. So I submitted it via email again. What a pain. I hope it all works out.

"You seem to imply that there's a better way. This is me, being all ears." --Michael Kimmitt Posted by blahedo at 5:37pm on 4 Oct 2002

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