October 21, 2002

Friday night I DJed the

Friday night I DJed the ballroom semiformal dance. That is, I set up my computer to DJ the dance. :) My main design goal in putting together the playlist was to pick songs that we didn't always dance to: there's not a whole lot of music in the team's collection, so we tend to hear the same stuff over and over. A secondary goal was to pick stuff that people might have heard elsewhere, not necessarily thinking of it as dance music. Tertiarily, I looked for actual danceable music. Since that goal was in third place, some of the music was... questionable... but it was fun. :)

By far the crowd favourite was the DuckTales theme, which is a lovely jive. The Muppets' Movin' right along makes a pretty good quickstep, too. At one point, someone asked, "what's this?" I responded, "a hustle!" To which she said, "excuse me, I think this would be Like a prayer." She was right. It's a great hustle. Other fun ones included Paul Simon's Still crazy after all these years (a waltz), A friend like me (a quickstep) from Aladdin, and Enya's Flora's Secret (a slow but passable viennese waltz). I also, almost by accident, managed to stick Shania Twain's I feel like a woman (swing) and That don't impress me much (cha-cha) back-to-back right when they announced that the next ones would be ladies' choice. Perfect!

"The victories came at a high price, since his best officers and fighters were lost. Well, not "lost," since he knew where they were---dead, mostly." --SDSTAFF Ken Posted by blahedo at 1:53am on 21 Oct 2002

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