November 07, 2002

There was a column in

There was a column in the BDH today with an odd but very interesting perspective on the abortion question. The short summary is: "Y'all are being inconsistent: yes, abortion is murder, yes it's bad, but sometimes it may be justifiable anyway." But don't take my word for it, you should read it yourself.

In local news, I'm mostly done with my research statements and teaching philosophy statements, after which I can send out the job apps. It's kind of tricky, boiling all that down into roughly one page (each) of text, and trusting that the rest of it will all come out in the interview. Put another way, I'm reasonably confident that once I get an interview, I have excellent chances; I'm just worried about finding a way to make my application stand out enough to get me that far. Or maybe my insecurity is unwarranted; hard to tell, really.

In other local news, the Brown comp is on Sunday, and between putting in work on that and on my applications, and actually doing research, I haven't gotten much sleep lately. :P Can't wait til next week (and my mom will be here!).

"I swear something pink just flew past my window and oinked at me." --Kevin Price Posted by blahedo at 11:15pm on 7 Nov 2002

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