November 18, 2002

Despite having an irritating website

Despite having an irritating website that doesn't like to let me in to pay my bill online, Citibank now gets a few points for having a reasonably helpful and patient call centre staff, who killed a charge on my account that I was really just looking for an explanation for. (It was only 38, so it wasn't great largesse on his part, but it was still nice of him.)

Discover still wins for having an easy-to-navigate site without lots of stupid "features" that make it not work on my browser, and an easy-to-understand process for paying online, that routinely works. Too bad there are still some people out there that don't take Discover.

"Now I'm confused and have lost track of the point I was trying to make." --Casey Westerman Posted by blahedo at 4:05pm on 18 Nov 2002

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