December 08, 2002

Well, I just cut my

Well, I just cut my hair. A lot. Specifically, my hair is now 10-1/4" shorter than it was, which was a bit longer than what would be called bra-length on a woman; it is now exactly shoulder length, just long enough to hold a ponytail. (The bit that was cut off will be donated to Locks of Love, a charity for kids with a disease that makes them bald. That's also why I know how much I cut, and is part of why I waited so long to cut my hair---the minimum length for donated hair is 10".) I don't know why it always seems to work out this way, but it always ends up being about 3 in the morning when I cut my hair. It's been about two and a half years since last I did so, but I have been cutting it myself for almost a decade---my last professional haircut was sometime in 1993.

Anyway, it feels really odd. I suppose I'll get used to it in a few days. There will be no pictures forthcoming, because I'm not telling anyone about it---I'll let them be surprised. Except for my faithful readers here (all, like, two of them), but I couldn't not post about it, really. I can't wait to see people's reactions. Especially the ballroom team, who saw me as recently as 8 this evening, at practice, and will see me again in about two hours, when we leave for a competition (of course, they won't see my hair for another hour after that, since it'll be under a hat and scarf until we get there). Sane people would've gone home, got their stuff ready, and went to bed to get a full night's sleep. Me, I cut my hair. :)

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