December 25, 2002

Merry Christmas! Well, my family's

Merry Christmas!

Well, my family's tradition is to exchange gifts on Christmas Eve, so we're done with that. My headliner item is a nifty digicam. I feel obliged to post the first picture ever taken with it---that's my room at home, cluttered as usual but seen in crystal clarity. This thing is great; it just figures out the correct settings to take a good photo. Let's see how it does at ballroom meets, though....

Other things I got include some DVDs, a really loud rainbow-coloured umbrella, a couple of six-suited decks of playing cards (the usual four plus crowns and anchors---the crowns are red and feature royals that wear glasses and carry sceptres, while the anchors are black and have royals that wear eyepatches), a scrabble page-a-day calendar, some clothes, and (god help me) Starcraft. I played a couple rounds of it at Thanksgiving, courtesy my cousin Steve, and decided that it was A) really cool and B) much too addictive to actually get. I need to, you know, finish my thesis. Anyway, I must've dropped mention of it, because my parents bought it for me. It's sitting in its box. Staring at me. Calling to me.

Excuse me, I've gotta go. See you in a few weeks.

"And then there's bash. I mean, BASH? It's like a neanderthal playing in a steel drum band. And sed and awk sound like a cartoon Roman senator cussing. So you've got this cussing Roman senator with a massive forehead playing in a steel drum band, or you've got the ageless wisdom of the clams. Isn't it obvious?" --Jered Wierzbicki Posted by blahedo at 5:47am on 25 Dec 2002

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