February 03, 2003

Well. Today Matt and I

Well. Today Matt and I went through our fridge and freezer, claiming what was ours (or at least what we'd eat), and pitching everything else, and cleaning. There wasn't anything really gross in there, but there were definitely some items I suspect of being upwards of two years old. Clean now, though.

Also today, I discovered two really nifty, useful little programs for my tiBook. One is uControl, which lets me turn my capslock key into a control key, which makes much more sense. I mean, come on, when was the last time you used the caps lock key? And yet it sucks up valuable keyboard real estate right there where my pinky finger sits, while I have to contort my hand to hit the control key, which I use all the time. Sun keyboards did it right, but they never hit the mass market. Anyway, that's fixed now.

The other I found because I was looking for a way to get "focus-follows-mouse", that is, the keyboard sends input to whatever window the mouse cursor is in. Not the way it's normally done in Windows or on the Mac, but common in the Unix/X world; and once you're used to it, it's super convenient. Sure, you can bring forward a window if you wantóbut if you just want to type into it, you don't need for that window to block some other window you're using. Anyway, I got a few pointers to VirtualDesktop, but its variety of focus-follows-mouse also brings the window forward when the mouse merely passes over it, which is jarring and not useful to me. But I got it (and paid for it) anyway, because its main function is to be a really slick multiple-desktop manager: meaning that I can have nine (or however many) virtual desktops in the background, and not all my windows need to be on the screen at once. This program is really, really well put together.

Also, Howard Dean is as cool as ever.

"You voted for Perot?? I voted for Bush, but I was insane then. That's different." --Kelly Martin Posted by blahedo at 12:48am on 3 Feb 2003

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