March 10, 2003

Apple clearly has a bunch

Apple clearly has a bunch of FUCKING MORONS working for them. I just went to download the 100 or so pictures from my camera from the second day of the comp; the download failed partway through but iPhoto still told the camera to delete ALL of the pictures. GOD DAMMIT. We've known since, like, the SEVENTIES that when you are moving files from one place to another, you copy them, make sure they've arrived, and ONLY THEN do you delete them from the source. (iTunes actually suffers from the same problem with regards to its index file, but that at least can be rebuilt.)

"I have been trying to work on Ralph for years, on his wardrobe. I was thinking a cape. With a big R on it." --Winona LaDuke Posted by blahedo at 1:25pm on 10 Mar 2003

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