March 13, 2003

I should not be afraid

I should not be afraid to use my computer. I should not have to worry that if the hard drive runs out of space, I'll lose files that are already safely ensconced on it. It is a basic notion of software engineering that you don't remove the old version until you're sure the new version is saved. That's something I expect out of a class project, and you better believe I expect it in production software.

Which is why it's so desperately frustrating that so much of Apple's software seems to violate these expectations. I have now lost all the comments I typed into iTunes, my entire calendar that I'd stored in iCal, and 40 photos off my camera with iPhoto. I've posted complaints, as non-nasty as I could bear to make them, in the Apple discussion forums; we'll see how that goes.

"It's wishful thinking to hope that American fascism will be anywhere near as stylish as conventional fascism. I see a future filled with red white and blue jumpsuits." --Jonathan Prykop Posted by blahedo at 11:48am on 13 Mar 2003

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