March 21, 2003

Recap: Serbia had its prime


  • Serbia had its prime minister assassinated, and is turning into a police state with over a thousand arrests connected to the murder
  • Central African Republic was taken over in a coup by a top general, possibly with assistance from neighbouring Chad
  • North Korea has stepped up its threats, done missile tests, and generally tried to beat its chest and scare us
  • Zimbabwe had a national strike and threats of a repeat, and nearly half its population goes hungry from famine
  • Venezuela is finally off-strike, but the overall situation continues to degrade
  • Israel's economy continues to suck, they continue to do nasty things to Palestinians, and we continue to bail them out with billions of dollars in aid
  • Hong Kong has been hit with a new and deadly... something... that the doctors can't even explain, which is spreading in a big way to Vietnam and Guangdong province, and has been detected in Canada, US, and UK
  • The UK's governing bodies are having a rocky time of it as top ministers resign and the prime minister tries to fight an unpopular war
  • The US is facing huge war protests, some turning violent and leading to the arrests of thousands
  • And, of course, Iraq is being invaded and its civilian population is dying, so that W can get his hands on more oil.
Not exactly a good couple of weeks, huh?

"The most difficult balance to strike is the balance that must be struck in time of war or time of peace, the balance between liberty and security." --Janet Reno Posted by blahedo at 3:43am on 21 Mar 2003

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