March 28, 2003

I have three thoughts for

I have three thoughts for the day. First of all, it's official: I just signed my contract with Knox College, and am an employee thereof as of 1 September this year.

Second, Richard Stallman is an interesting person with interesting ideas, but a terrible public speaker. He has a hard time staying on topic and keeping his talk to a reasonable time, rambling off on semi-relevant topics. He does speak without aids or notes, though, which is kind of impressive.

Finally, I have said for a while that 21 is the last relevant birthday before 30; to the extent that I often had to stop and think for a second when asked how old I was. It's just that the difference between 22 and 23 is so minimal as to be unnoticeable. But I was wrong about it being the last before 30: 25 is also a relevant and rememberable one, because at that age you can rent a car, and on another level, it puts you more than halfway through your twenties. Odd.

"Dictators have an uncanny habit of not dying from natural causes." --Adam Hirsch Posted by blahedo at 6:52pm on 28 Mar 2003

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