April 03, 2003

Another cheery day dawns. Civilian

Another cheery day dawns. Civilian casualties due to cluster bombs in Iraq... *sigh*

On a somewhat lighter note, John Siracusa wrote a great analysis of what used to be great about the Mac interface, how they've gone wrong recently, and how they could fix things. I'd love to see even a few of his ideas make their way into the Finder.

And finally, when I decided to give up notesfiles for Lent, I think perhaps I should have been a little more general. Over the last three or four days since Lee pointed me to a specific post on the SDMB, they've sucked me in and taken over the old role of notesfiles. I think maybe I should cut back. :P

"Those marathon knitting sessions are bad not only for your hands, but hard on your love life. (Yes, we not only want you to be a healthy knitter, we want you to be a slyly smiling, happy knitter.)" --Bonne Marie Burns, knitty.com Posted by blahedo at 1:32pm on 3 Apr 2003

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