April 14, 2003

You know, sometimes the whole

You know, sometimes the whole windows-desktop metaphor is just a little too strong. I just had some papers with notes written on them propped up against the right side of my laptop screen, and was typing into a window on the left side of the screen. I wanted to do something briefly in a window that was mostly covered by the papers, and I clicked not once but three times in an effort to bring the window to the foreground.

It may also have had something to do with it being 3:30 in the morning, I suppose.

"'Charges' is what the uninsured are required to pay for medical attention, and it's defined as what a drunken sheik from the Middle East could pay, if his wife weren't around to care." --Uwe Reinhardt Posted by blahedo at 3:27am on 14 Apr 2003

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