April 18, 2003

Officially, the war may be over...

Officially, the war may be over, but the destruction continues. I had suspected, and this article confirms, that the US wouldn't exert much effort to "bring to justice" all the "oppressors" that we are supposedly trying to depose. And we are doing nothing to prevent the rioting and looting.

I realise that pretty much nobody else is doing this, but I'm going to continue with my quaint and old-fashioned form of protest---wearing a black armband. I had thought about taking it off in the last few days, as the formal fighting wound down, but all those that die due to the mismanagement of the conflict are just as dead, and it's just as much the result of the war. So the armband stays on, at least for now.

Sam has not learned
To spell hors d'oeuvres
Which still grates on
Some people's n'oeuvres. --Eva Shillace Posted by blahedo at 1:59pm on 18 Apr 2003

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