April 27, 2003

My face is red

My mom is fond of saying to me, "you need to get some colour in your face." She'd be proud of me now. Unfortunately, the colour of the moment is... red. I've aloed the heck out of it, but even after two and a half days it's still pretty lobstery.

Have you ever gotten in a really good conversation, then gotten the feeling that any temporary break in it (e.g. a bathroom break) will cause the whole thing to end ("oh, I have work to do, I should go anyway"), so you avoided even such a temporary pause? Well, my advice to you is, if such a conversation seems likely, avoid open sunlight for your lieu-de-conversation; or wear lots of sunscreen....

"Finally, now, the baby Jesus!" --Clemency Williams
"Actually... it's the animals." --Kim Plofker Posted by blahedo at 11:38pm on 27 Apr 2003

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