May 09, 2003

I guess that ultimately my

I guess that ultimately my bank issues right now are that I'm not used to something taking on the order of two days longer to do electronically than it would by hand. After last month's overdraft fiasco, I made sure that this time I waited after depositing my paycheck before giving a check to Brown; and additionally, I knew that the exchanges were between the same two banks (Citizens and Sovereign), so there would be no "but Fleet has fancier computers" shenanigans. And yet, I still got socked with an overdraft fee. This time I got the guy at Sovereign to admit that even after a check clears, and the money is in fact actually sitting in my account, as such, they still put a hold on it for a few days. (He wouldn't admit last time that that's what it was---if he had I sure as hell wouldn't have reasoned like I did and it sure as hell wouldn't have happened again.) I'd consider just pulling out of Sovereign entirely---they've also been annoying me with the random monthly service fees on my "Totally Free Checking(tm)" account---but I'm going to be moving in a couple months anyway, so it hardly seems worth it.

Ok, so don't even ask how I got to this site, but this picture is on the main green at Brown. (The urinal was brought in just for the photograph.)

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