May 15, 2003

Stupid bank

After all the stupid overdraft problems I've been having, yesterday I just cashed my paycheck at the Citizen's branch, then walked the money over to Sovereign, where I deposited it. I also confirmed when the money would be available, and was explicitly told "as soon as you leave this window"---and the guy at the next window joked about it ('what if he stands there all day?') so there were even witnesses. There is an automatic payment scheduled for today, and if I get socked with an overdraft on it, so help me, I'm going to walk in there and close my account on the spot.

The whole thing is completely idiotic. The entire time between entering the Citizen's branch and leaving the Sovereign branch was perhaps twenty minutes, and that included clearing the check, counting out the money, walking a few blocks, and processing the deposit. Twenty minutes. WHY IN GOD'S NAME DOES IT TAKE THREE DAYS TO DO THIS ELECTRONICALLY???

Other news: our government is lying again.

"What you learn about programming in college is much like what you learn about books or clothes or dating: what bad taste you had in high school." --Paul Graham Posted by blahedo at 3:49pm on 15 May 2003

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