May 17, 2003

On avoiding cars

I've just spent the afternoon browsing a lovely site on being carfree---that's not a typo, it means being without a car. Not practical in many places these days, unless the locale itself is designed to support it. What might a city look like if the whole thing were designed so that the only cars in it were emergency vehicles? The site includes discussion of what a from-scratch carfree city might look like, as well as how to convert (parts of) existing cities to being carfree, and even some peeks at areas that are already largely or entirely carfree. Also some lovely looks at what makes cities livable and beautiful.

Suburbs are just so bad. Ugh.

"Too much has happened the last couple of days but my head is as heavy as a lead boulder. Hay fever time. The sexual life of palm trees makes me weep." --Salam Pax Posted by blahedo at 6:29pm on 17 May 2003

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