May 22, 2003

Customer service: check-plus

Have I mentioned that I love Apple? The left shift key on my laptop has been broken for a few months now (it has a tendency to just pop off while typing), but I've been putting off getting it fixed because I never wanted to be without my computer, and God knows I wasn't trusting it to the Brown Computer Store folks again.

Anyway, yesterday, I finally decided to call Apple, at about 6pm yesterday, having resolved to drive up to Boston if necessary to let them fix it. And they said, "oh, we'll just ship you a new keyboard. Expect it in three to five days."

It arrived a couple hours ago. Now that's what I call service.

"Actually, it's because being anti-war is sensible, and being pro-war is allowing one's testosterone to overcome sense. It's assumed that women aren't as susceptible to this particular failing." --Michael Kimmitt Posted by blahedo at 11:49am on 22 May 2003

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