May 23, 2003


The Brown library workers are striking; it's pretty cool. They're standing at the corner of two fairly major streets (just outside one of the libraries) and getting people to honk for them. A *lot* of people are honking. It's a nice pick-me-up on such a dreary day.

I was waiting for the elevator at the first floor; it arrived and there were about eight confused-looking people inside. Who made no move to leave, but I was pretty sure this was their floor. "Are you...?" "Yeah, the door didn't open." Meaning the back door of the elevator---I suggested they hit 1R. The door opened, and they left. Obviously never been in the building before, but it was still funny. :)

"As long as she kept her mouth shut, I'd give serious thought to refraining from kicking Ann Coulter out of bed for eating crackers." --Michael Kimmitt Posted by blahedo at 11:08am on 23 May 2003

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