June 09, 2003

Hi, Chris!

Currently sitting in my office is a guy who I met online---wait, it's not that sketchy---on the message boards from my high school---no, wait---and then I later met him in person at a party---hang ON!---hosted by another guy that I know chiefly through the same message board. Er. And the reason he's here is to do research in my research group, which we thought up as a possibility when we got coffee after I interviewed for a job at his college, the job at Knox that I later was offered and accepted. Wacky.

For his part, Chris seems to think the whole thing is pretty funny too. ;)

"As far as the barn-raisin', paint-strippin' part goes, Amish and Mormons are functionally identical. The Mormons will probably bring a Wagner Power Painter modified to spray mineral spirits, however." --Pete McFerrin Posted by blahedo at 2:01pm on 9 Jun 2003

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