June 13, 2003

Thesis blues

Man oh man, this is like a roller coaster. I've swung all the way back and forth between "this is the best writing I've ever done and they'll love it" and "this exposes me for the fraud I am and they'll never let me pass", about four or five times tonight. It helps that I know rationally that every PhD student on earth goes through this, but it's still a little distressing. (Not least *because* I can be so analytical about the whole thing.)

"To make grand changes in the body plan of animals, there is no need to invent new genes, just as there's no need to invent new words to write an original novel (unless your name is Joyce)." --Matt Ridley, "What makes you who you are", Time Posted by blahedo at 2:51am on 13 Jun 2003

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