June 21, 2003

What a dreadful movie

I'm attending a linguistics workshop here at Brown, and meeting all sorts of people who I've heard about, and whose papers and theses I've read. It's really cool and interesting.

And the stories they tell over alcohol are really funny, although it occurs to me that they probably wouldn't be if you weren't in the field...

After the main conference dinner a bunch of us went out to a bar. We talked for a while, and a couple of us joked that the movie they had playing there---on the TV screens in all corners of the bar, always in at least peripheral vision---was just plain dreadful, closed captions and all. (Fwiw, it was Eight Legged Freaks. And it was really dreadful.) And after a while, the conversation lapsed and there were, like, four of us sitting there, watching it. MST3King it to some extent. It was just So Bad. And slowly some left, and the last two linguists in the bar (me and Alexis Dimitriadis) were watching it right to the bitter end. And then we left (though annoyingly enough the best music the bar had played all night---"Counting Flowers on the Wall", Eric Heatherly---had just started playing as we walked out) as the credits were rolling.

God, it was bad.

"Between Venice and Rome, I've seen about nine different varieties of Monks, Priests, and Nuns. What do these differences represent, I wonder---is it for intramural sports? At the vey least, I'd imagine that each type has different skills and bonus feats. " --Tycho Posted by blahedo at 1:19am on 21 Jun 2003

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