June 22, 2003

I miss the Midwest

There is a fantastic thunderstorm going on here right now. Close, too---lightning-thunder delay is on the order of three to six seconds for a lot of them. Many of the thunderclaps are causing the house to shake, and setting off car alarms. The lightning is blinding, and that's if you're not looking out the window when it hits. And boy howdy is it ever pouring rain. Ah, I miss the Midwest. This is likely to be the only good thunderstorm out here all summer, or perhaps one of two. *sigh*

"I just finished a beer that was so large that I had to lift it with both hands. Really, the only reason I ordered it was to wash down a pretzel that was itself so large that it could have eaten me under the right circumstances. I have a very high opinion of Munich, but it may have been artificially produced." --Tycho Posted by blahedo at 2:14am on 22 Jun 2003

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